Consumer News: Microsoft is letting you ditch your password, used car prices continue going up and more!

CNN– Instagram says it’s looking at new ways to discourage users from focusing on their physical appearance. This comes after the Wall Street Journal revealed Facebook researchers have repeatedly found Instagram is toxic for teen girls. The Journal reports the research found Instagram can damage mental health and body image, especially among teen girls. Officials with the social media platform say they are working on ways to steer users away from content that could be damaging.

Microsoft is letting users ditch their password. The tech giant announced in a blog post it will give users ways to access their accounts without a password. They can download the Microsoft Authenticator app to their smartphone, use a security key or a verification code sent to their smartphone or an email address. Another option is ‘Windows Hello,’ which scans your face, iris or fingerprint.

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, get ready to pay even more. Hurricane Ida may be to blame for driving up prices this time around. The massive increased demand for cars is further destroying already tight inventories. There’s concern people might end up buying flood-damaged vehicles. Jenn Sullivan has more.

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