Columbia Police warn you to be careful while decking the halls

According to the National Safety Council thousands of people end up injured while decorating their homes for the holidays
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Christmas Tree decorations

Columbia, SC (WOLO) — The holiday season is officially here! That may have many of you in the mood to get ready for the season by putting up those decorations. Before you fall head over heals for those beautiful lights, wreaths, and Christmas trees the Columbia Police Department is asking you to make sure you do so carefully.

CPD released information from the National Safety Council, and according to their statistics the desire to deck the halls leaves thousands of people in hospital after getting hurt while decorating each year.

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has some suggestions on how you can enjoy the festivities safely. First, CPSC says to make sure that you keep things like mistletoe, holly berries, Jerusalem cherry and amaryllis that could be poisonous out of children’s reach.
If you are using a real tree cut off an estimated 2 inches from the trunk of the tree and remember to keep it watered so it doesn’t get dry and become a fire hazard. And if you are going with an artificial tree instead check tags to make sure that the tree is fire resistant. Make sure to keep your trees, real or artificial at least 3 feet from heat sources like radiators and fireplaces.
Put ornaments that have small pieces that can detach or ones that can break at a height on the tree where children can not reach them. While it may seem like a no brainer, it bears repeating. Only use indoor lights indoors and outdoor lights outdoors. After you do, make sure that you choose the right ladder when hanging lights.
Remove and then replace lights that are broken, cracked or have exposed wires or loose connections. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says one of the best things to do is follow directions carefully to make sure you have the correct amount of lights before plugging them in. They say it’s also important to make sure that you never nail, tack or stress wires while hanging lights and keep them off of wet surfaces.
And, while the glow of your décor may be a sight for sore eyes, turn all of those lights off before you go to bed and when you plan to leave your home.
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