Senator Lindsey Graham presses Supreme Court nominee on sentencing in child pornography cases

CNN– In Washington, senators are expected to vote on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court before the Senate’s Easter break. Jackson faced a barrage of Republican questioning Wednesday. A common concern among many Republicans is her sentencing in child pornography cases. They say she was too lenient on defendants.

Jackson has been quick to fire back, but one instance in Wednesday’s hearing made for an especially heated exchange between the nominee and Senator Lindsey Graham.

On Monday, a group of retired federal judges told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Jackson’s record on child porn sentencing is “entirely consistent” with the other judges across the country.

On the last day of hearings, interest groups including the American Bar Association and civil rights organizations will testify about Jackson’s suitability for the court. Witnesses chosen by Senate Republicans will also speak.

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