Adidas partners with Waffle House to create new golf shoe in time for the Masters

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Image: CNN Newsource

CNN– Scattered, covered and chunked, with a side of shoes? Waffle House has a new addition to the menu, golf shoes! Obviously they’re known for their waffles, along with their tasty hash browns. Now, the breakfast chain has shoes.

Waffle House is a Georgia favorite and thanks to a partnership with Adidas, it’s celebrating another Georgia favorite, the 86th Masters golf tournament, which kicks off in Augusta this Thursday. That’s also when the shoes go on sale.

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Image: CNN Newsource

You can see the off-white color is similar to waffle batter. There’s even a waffle pattern, along with three dark brown stripes on the side as a nod to the legendary waffles being cooked just right. The shoes also feature the Waffle House logo on the back.

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