S.C. State University clears dozens of students debt

Sc State Alex PkgOrangeburg, SC (WOLO) — South Carolina State University is giving some graduating seniors a send off into the real world with a special gift. The university, which held their Spring graduation ceremonies Friday cleared the account balance for 35 of their students so they would be able to walk across the stage with their class to receive their degrees.

In exchange for having their university balance voided, each of the students had to sign a pledge with University president Alexander Conyers to pay it forward. Each of the students had to promise to donate an amount equivalent to their debt, back to the university within the next three years that would then go to a future graduating class in need.

President Alexander Conyers says,

“Given this historic milestone in these students lives, it would have been a letdown for them not to be able to participate,” Conyers said. “I know that they have tried everything to make it happen and were unable to….I’m grateful that our alumni and other stakeholders have contributed in such a way to help these students cross the finish line,” he said.

The money used to rid the students of debt comes from alternate sources at the university including fundraising campaign  as well as the HBCU’s GAP Scholarship fund.

In addition to making sure students were able to graduate with their class, the University also made sure the students looked the part. According to school officials, there were several graduating seniors whose regalia orders never arrived due to supply chain issues with a vendor. The university says they were able to gather 200 graduation gowns and mortarboards for graduating seniors that needed them so they wouldn’t have to go without.







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