Utility Companies Resist Residential Solar Panels

Despite the fact that solar panels installed on our roofs will dramatically cut back on pollution, create many good-paying jobs, firm up our defenses against power outages, produce power when it is needed most, and lower our utility bills, the Utility Companies are digging in their heels and resisting this at every turn.  The utility companies make their money by selling electricity.  But when electricity is created using gas, coal (or other fossil fuels), it produces greenhouse gases that are heating up our planet.  Utility companies could adjust their approach by reengineering how they deliver electricity, all the while maintaining profitability.  This would help us all.  And they are doing it all over the place in Europe.  But by and large, U.S. utility companies aren’t budging.  In fact, they’re going out of their way to initiate legislation that creates laws that make solar panels harder to install – not easier.  You can read all about it here.  Utilities push back against growth of rooftop solar panels (nbcnews.com)



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