Governor McMaster announces vetoes to state budget

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Governor Henry McMaster announced his vetoes to the state’s nearly $14 billion budget Wednesday. The governor’s 73 vetoes total over $52 million, which includes vetoing some local projects due to not enough information being given.

However, McMaster highlighted parts of the budget that he was happy with such as the income tax cut and rebate. He also approved of the Senate and House agreeing to raise the minimum teacher’s salary to $40,000.

“State government is in the best fiscal shape ever. We have the largest budget surplus, the largest rainy day reserve fund and the lowest debt – ever – in the history of our state. Last year, we broke over a decade’s worth of records – for new job recruitment and capital investment.  We’ve cut taxes on our small businesses, and we have returned money back to the taxpayers,” Governor McMaster wrote in his veto message.”Over the last five years, our successful partnership has produced resounding win after win for the people and prosperity of South Carolina.  This fiscal year’s budget includes a record number – (259) – of my Executive Budget proposals totaling $2.85 billion – an increase of 93 from last year.”

The General Assembly can come back at the end of the month to override those vetoes.

Click here to read the governor’s full veto letter.


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