DoorDash tightens cap on alcohol deliveries

Doordash 2

Image: LOGO for DoorDash Delivery App

(CNN) —  The delivery app DoorDash is putting a bit of a cork in it’s alcohol deliveries.
In an effort to prevent underage drinking, the company will now scan a customer’s identification in person before handing off any alcohol purchases.

DoorDash customers have always had to upload a photo I.D. to the app in order to purchase alcohol.
but, until now,  the delivery driver was only required to compare that photo I.D. to the recipient on the order.  The change will now require customers to meet their delivery person at the door to have their identification scanned in person.

The company says this enhanced ‘Dual I.D. Verification’ will help ensure alcohol is only being delivered to people who are over the age of 21.

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