Oldest Galaxy Seen From Webb Telescope

The Webb Telescope has only been running for a bit over a month now, but it has already produced a picture of a Galaxy older than any we’ve seen before.  This Galaxy, called GLASS-z13, existed when the Universe was only 300 million years old.   Here are some staggering facts to ponder from Dr. James O’Donoghue @physicsJ

“The Sun didn’t even exist when the galaxy GLASS-z13 appeared as it does above. In fact, it wasn’t to exist for another 9 billion years.”
“When GLASS-z13 emitted the light we see today, it was about 3 billion light years away from us (or whatever ‘us’ was back then). The 3 billion light years of space that once separated us from GLASS-z13 has expanded to over 33 billion light years today!”
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