Unclaimed veterans ceremony held at Fort Jackson National Cemetery

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) — The Chapin American Legion Post 193 held a ceremony today at Fort Jackson National Cemetery to honor the dedicated service given by three previously unclaimed veterans.

The service honored U.S. Army Specialist Edward Linetty, U.S. Navy Seaman Dennis Hubble, and U.S. Army Private Nelson Human.

While family members were in attendance today, a veteran may be considered unclaimed anytime the family is unable to claim the veteran’s remains.

Tom Yeoman, retired Lieutenant Colonel and 1st Vice Commander of Post 193, knows that unclaimed veterans are never forgotten. “They all served honorably and it is our duty to make sure that at our final formation, they have family with them. And that’s us today. They will not be at their final formation alone,” says Retired Lt. Col. Yeoman.

Other veterans and members of multiple military branches were on hand to honor the lives of the three veterans as well. Retired Lieutenant Colonel William Wilson says the number of people in attendance today is a testimony to the impact veterans have.

“You see America. You see all races. You see all genders. You see all people smiling. You see people praying together as Americans. Coming to celebrate their lives and what they did for America. And I would bet you that all of us are very very proud of what they did and we’re glad to be their brethren,” says Retired Lt. Col. Wilson.

Dionne Fleshman, Private Human’s cousin believes he would have loved today’s ceremony, saying, “He would’ve loved just to see the various members of the military and members of the V.F.W. chapters all together for people they don’t even know. They stood up for someone in a time when they may not have had anybody else to stand up for them. And to say goodbye farewell so long, we will see you again, in a way that was wonderfully done.”

Retired Lt. Col. Yeoman says the American Legion holds around four of these ceremonies each year. “Veterans are someone who at one point in their life signed a blank check payable to the United States of America — up to and including their life — and that’s a pretty major commitment of these veterans,” he says.

Adjutant Steve Goulet, the Unclaimed Veteran Burial Program Manager for the American Legion Post 193, helps arrange the ceremonies throughout the year. For more information on Goulet and the American Legion, visit their website here.

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