S.C. Senate votes 27-16 in favor of amended Abortion Ban bill with exceptions

Senate BudgetColumbia, SC (WOLO) — The South Carolina Senate spent 10 hours debating the Abortion Ban bill, giving both sides of the aisle a chance to speak about why and in what circumstances an abortion in South Carolina would be legal, if at all.

After hours of passionate wrangling in favor and against abortion and the 19 amendments that were brought forth by lawmakers Thursday, it ultimately came down to a 27 to 16 vote in favor of passing the amended bill presented by Shane Massey (R) who represents District 25 (Aiken, Edgefield, Lexington, McCormick and Saluda Counties).

Under the amended version of the Abortion Ban bill, a woman in the state of South Carolina would only be able to obtain an abortion under exceptions for rape and incest for up to 12 weeks after conception. However, she must also file the rape or incest with law enforcement and allow her DNA to be preserved as evidence. In addition, a can only get an abortion within a 6 week window around the time a fetuses heartbeat is detected.

Other exceptions under the amended bill include allowing a woman to get an abortion if the health or life of the mother carrying the child is in jeopardy. The procedure will also be allowed in it is determined that the fetus is experiencing some form of fetal anomaly or development in the womb. The exception for an abortion in that instance would not have a time limit, but would require  the woman have two separate physicians confirm the abnormality in the fetus.

The Abortion Ban will now head back to the House where they will have to decide if they agree or disapprove of the amended version of the bill.

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