South Carolina Senate passes budget changes

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– On Tuesday, the South Carolina Senate passed changes to the budget which would give a small pay raise to teachers. The budget changes also approve giving hazard pay to state employees who have had to work during the pandemic.  The budget changes now head to the House of Representatives for approval. Categories: Local News, State Tags: Budget,…

Lawmakers move education reform to top of priorities for legislative session

Senators voted to make the Education Reform bill (S.419) a top priority Tuesday

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) –With lawmakers returning to the Capital City, there are several key issues that are going to be debated over the next few months. One of the biggest issues on the table is education reform, which Senators decided would be a top priority after voting to put the South Carolinaat the top of the Senate calendar. After a…

Bill aims to reduce prison sentences for non-violent offenders

(ABC News) ABC’s Kenneth Moton has the latest on a Bipartisan bill that looks to change some aspects of the criminal justice system. especially for those serving time in prison for non violent offenses like drug cases. Click here for the full story. Categories: Digital Exclusives and Features, National News, News, Politics Tags: bill, bipartisan, prison reform, senate