Military Matters: Suicide rates, Clandestine Ops, Jet retired

In tonight’s Military Matters.

New numbers on military or veteran suicide are out, and they’re going down.

The new report out by the pentagon says the number of suicides each day fell to 17 in 2020.
And while one is too many, the numbers are encouraging that the mental health programs in the military are working.
The V.A. Secretary offered tempered optimism regarding the report, saying there is still work to be done.

Also in military matters, the pentagon is opening a sweeping review of clandestine psychological operations.
specifically there are complaints about the influence the United States military has on Facebook and Twitter and it’s raising a red flag in the White House.
Now the administration will see if the social actions are worth it… if the juice is worth the squeeze, if you will.

The only flying military radio and tv broadcast platform in the United States military, was retired this past weekend.

Airmen from the 193rd special operations wing have transmitted their final broadcast on Saturday, bringing to close a 54-year chapter in unit history.
what’s it used for? Psychological warfare. Before bombs dropped or troops deployed after 9/11, this jet was already over the skies of Afghanistan broadcasting to America’s enemies that the United States military was bringing the fight to them. The Psy OIps mission isn’t going away, just this jet.

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