Viral video of person using racial slurs in Downtown Columbia Five Points

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – A video going viral on social media platforms shows an individual using racial and derogatory terms in Downtown Columbia Five Points. ABC Columbia has made the editorial decision not to show the video.

A viral video with over 4 million views shows a white individual using racial language in Downtown Columbia.

“I saw an ignorant person that wanted black folks to be ignorant like her and we’re not that. We stand for excellence, we walk in excellence so there is nothing extra that we have to do,” says Edith Harmon.

“South Carolina is really a beautiful place. We were a confederate state back in the day and this is stuff we had to deal with in the 60s and 70s and going backwards and we are still dealing with it today,” says Gold Essien. 

University of South Carolina officials released a statement to ABC Columbia saying quote:

“We have been sharing via social media since Friday, we have no records of this individual ever being enrolled at the University of South Carolina.”

Some have suggested the person involved is a student at Central Carolina Technical College in Sumter. The college released a statement to ABC Columbia saying quote:

“We are aware of the video and have unfortunately been fielding an enormous amount of requests, tags, etc. since Friday. The individual is not a student at CCTC. We have responded as such to the multitude of requests.”

Considering today is Martin Luther King Jr. day, Harmon says its important to not lose sight of King’s vision and to rise above hatred.

“Power to the people Martin Luther King. King walked with boldness. My father is 71 and he had to deal with it in high school. He went to lower Richland High and he was one of the first blacks to be integrated and they made racial slurs at him. I mean its the disrespect for me but it stops today . . we’re here and we will not be moved,” says Harmon. 

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