Lt. Gov. and Palmetto Pride urge SC residents to help clean up their state

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — In South Carolina, littering can cost you between $200-1,000 as well as 30 days to a year in jail.

However, the state still sees a problem with litter as well as illegal dumping. 

Teaming up with Palmetto Pride, an organization who fights litter in the state, lieutenant governor Pamela Evette called on law enforcement for have zero tolerance for litter in the month of April.

While she admits that there are not enough law enforcement officers in the state to prevent all litter, she says that they will be stepping up their efforts to prevent littering and illegal dumping this month.

Evette added that littering and dumping can impact several industries in the state, including South Carolina’s tourism and agriculture industries. 

According to Palmetto Pride, last year South Carolina recycled 1.2 million tons of material and posted a 24 percent recycling rate.

Go to their website to find out more about how you can clean up the state. 

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