Spending Up For Father’s Day This Year

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(COLUMBIA, SC) — Father’s Day is this Sunday According to the National Retail Federation many people will take dear old Dad out for an outing, such as golf. Jeff Shaffer, Director of Golf at Oak Hills Golf Club, isn’t too surprised by that. “The game”s origin began with family. A lot of kids are introduced to the game through family members, parents, grandparents, so I think it’s just a natural thing to continue playing with there fathers,” says Schaffer. The same holds true with Jeff and his children. “I taught them both how to play, so it’s kind of rewarding to watch them grow and get better at the game and of course spend some time with them on the golf course,” says Schaffer. Sporting goods are also a popular item on the National Retail Federation’s Father’s Day Survey. But, this item isn’t too surprising either. “I think most Dads, most guys love sports, says Tim Robertson, Vice President and General Manager of Todd and Moore. Robertson says, business has picked up ahead of Sunday. “We definitely had people coming in last week too. I would say mostly it’s been concentrated in last week and this week and today’s been good so hopefully tomorrow will be a busy day,” says Robertson. Yet when it comes to spending, the National Retail Federation says, more kids and wives will be shelling out the money this year, with an average of $105.00 per dad, compared to $94.00 last year. Jason Martin of Ace Hardware, agrees. “They are definitely making the investment for the long term, and they may very well have a reflection on the economy,” says Martin. But for Jeff Schaffer, Father’s Day goes much farther than money and gifts. “I don’t care, as long as everyone in the family is healthy, I’m good,” says Schaffer. BUT WILL JEFF AND HIS SON JEFFREY BE HITTING THE COURSE THIS SUNDAY? “I don’t know it depends on whether he lets me off work or not, says Jeff’s son, Jeffrey Shaffer. Also ranking high on the National Retail Federation’s survey are gift card and automotive accessories. Experts say traditional items like grills and tools will also remain popular.

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