Orientation Helps New Students Overcome Fears

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — “I’m not sure what exactly to expect so just a little bit nervous,” says Alex Jeter. Meet Alext Jeter, a rising Freshman at Dreher High School, with big shoes to fill. “I’m supposed to keep up the reputation,” says Jeter. One passed down by his older siblings. “My sister was a cheerleader and my brother played a lot of baseball and football, definitely became one of the stars here,” says Jeter. They’ve also given Alex some advice. “Don’t mess around with the teachers,” says Jeter. But even with that advice, Alex still has normal Freshman fears. “Different teachers, trying to make new friends, upperclassman,” says Jeter. Brianna Harris, also a rising Freshman at Dreher, shares those fears. “Mostly I would just be afraid of a bigger school, new people that I haven’t seen before and being younger,” says Harris. Yet, Alex and Brianna are getting some help with Freshman orientation, a day catered to new students. “We know that statistically transition is difficult for kids so what we do is try to make sure that they have the info that’s necessary for them to be successful in school, so when they wake up on Monday, they don’t walk into a situation blind,” says Tiniece Javis, Assistant Principal at Dreher. Brianna says it works. “I know what I’m going to be doing next year when school starts and I can prepare for it over the weekend , I can just kind of get myself ready and not be so afraid,” says Harris. Alex also learned something new. “Upperclassman do try to help you because of student volunteers, that are showing us around and helping us get around and stuff,” says Jeter. And with those fears and jitters behind them, both Alex and Brianna are ready to take on high school, with a few goals. “I’m looking forward to just being myself and finding me,” says Harris. “I’m going to stay out of trouble,” says Jeter. Classes will begin at Dreher on Monday, August 15, 2011.

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