Teachers Have First Day Fears Too

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — “She just looked at my whole entire library and went, oh! And that was just the greatest moment for me ever,” says Whitney Goldys, Second Grade Teacher at Catawba Trail Elementary. Whitney Goldys recalls one of her most cherished times so far as a new teacher. “She was so overcome by how amazing it was and how there were new books and new materials and a place to sit and really hunker down and get excited about learning and reading,” says Goldys Whitney is a first year teacher at Richland Two’s newest Elementary school, Catawba Trail Elementary. Goldys knows about first day fears, first hand. “I actually just read first day jitters to my class and they were shocked with they found out the one that was so nervous was the teacher,” says Goldys. Yet even with those anxious feelings, Goldys says she always knew she wanted to be a teacher. “Ever since I was old enough to play I never wanted to play house, I never wanted to play any of that, I only wanted to play school and I always took that nurturing role of the teacher,” says Goldys. Now as she stands in front of a classroom, full of second grade students, Goldys is able to see her dream come true, by helping one student at a time. “It feels amazing, I think it’s really cool that I got to come in not only as a first year teacher but I’m getting to be a part of something that’s brand new too,” says Goldys. “We don’t have a mascot or anything like that yet, so I came into a place where there’s nothing except wonderful students, teachers and staff and I get to be a part of being hands on and building everything,” says Goldys.

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