An Eye in the Sky at the State Fair

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — It’s called an eye in the sky, it’s a camera located at the top of buildings, and outside of the fairground gates. In fact, 17 of them ecompass the fairgrounds and they’re all constantly monitored from a central location to make sure you are safe. “We think we will be able to monitor things much more efficiently,” says Nancy Smith, Assistant Manager of the South Carolina State Fair. While your’e on the ground, they’re in the sky. “It’s connected to all the major arteries on the fair grounds and on the gates,” says Smith For the very first time the South Carolina State Fair has an eye in the sky. “We’re always trying to do things to improve the experience for our patrons,” says Smith. But your safety is another reason for the cameras. “The more you can see the better you are able to really hop on something, if you see a potential hazard, we’ll be able to tell it right then and there,” says Smith. And while there are eyes in the sky, there are plenty of eyes on the ground sheriff’s deputies are also patrolling. “You don’t have to worry about oh gosh is something going to happen and is my kid safe here, it’s presence of relief,” says Lieutenant Rafael Gonzalez of the Richalnd County Sheriff’s Office. Lt. Gonzalez with the Richland County Sheriff’s Office, says they are here to make sure you enjoy time with your friends and loved ones without worrying about crime. “You can go out and enjoy the funnel cakes and the corn dogs, enjoy the rides, just spend time with your family, good quality time,” says Lt. Gonzalez. And while officers are hard to work to keep you safe, you have to make sure to do your part. “Stay alert, that’s the most important one. Watch your child. Another thing that they can do is in the parking lot area, if you’ve got valuables such as GPS systems, laptops, something as little as loose change, make sure you secure that,” says Lt. Gonzalez. But in the meantime, deputies want you to have a good time at the state fair. “There’s no danger out here, you’ve got officers here to do their job and I can assure you and the public that if something were to happen, they’re going to jump without hesitation and do their job,” says Lt. Gonzalez. Officers also say to make sure that you and your family have a plan in case something does happen. Also, if your child gets lost, deputies say make sure they know it’s okay to go to an officer for help.

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