Tapp’s Center for the Arts Opens

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — “Our streets are filled with remarkable people, writers, muscians, dancers and performers of the highest calliber. Today we add another chapter to the proud history,” says Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. It’s been over one year in the making, but it’s finally here. “It was a long, long needed change,” says Lucas Sams, artist who’s work is on display at the center. The Tapp’s Center for the Arts on Main Street, is open. “It’s just a wonderful collaboration between the government and the private industry and individuals and it’s going to bring a lot tho this city,” says Claude Buckley, artist who’s work is on display at the center. “It’s meant the world to me, it’s allowed me to establish myself as an artist in the community and produce good work and meet and work with good smart, intelligent, artistic people,” says Sams. The goald of the center is written on the walls, through paintings, exhibits and much more. The Tapp’s center for the arts also has a state of the art venue room where artist can also showcase their work. But, this venue room goes much further allowing for artistic expression through music and theatre. Those who worked on the project say it stands apart from any other in the city. “Unlike some of the other exhibition venues in Columbia, we have a tremendous ceiling height here, so really tall pieces can be displayed here and there is virtually no where else in Columbia where that can happen,” says Lesesne Monteigh, Architect for the project. Yet the center isn’t just for artists. “It’s a place where everyone can come here and find themselves in the artwork,” says Brenda Schwarz, Director of the center. “We need to bring the community into places like this, places that help people, inspire people and get people involved,” says Sams. “It brings a community together and shows everybody how art does improve the quality of life,” says Buckley While officials say a center like this will help revive Main Street, the artists here say it could be the starting point for others. “A good friend of mine, we were talking and were talking about what the center means and she was quoting the field of dreams and she said, “If you build it, they will come” and my friend Mario said, “This is the field of dreams,” says Sams.

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