A look at South Carolina’s many license plates

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A new South Carolina license plate advocating equality for gay residents will be available Monday at Department of Motor Vehicles offices statewide. A look at the state’s many license plates.

— 5.62 million vehicles bear the standard license plate.

— “In God We Trust” is the top specialty plate, registered to 854,230 vehicles. The biennial fee is $24.

— “University of South Carolina” is the No. 2 specialty plate, on 20,680 vehicles. $70 fee.

— “Clemson University” is No. 3, on 16,012 vehicles. $70 fee.

— The secular “In Reason We Trust” plate is registered to 412 vehicles. $30 biennial fee.

— There are more than 130 specialty plates.

— The state’s 371 total plates include those for legislators, boards and commissions.

Source: Department of Motor Vehicles, as of Jan. 31

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