Deputy dragged more than one hundred feet

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — “Every time we have to make an arrest, we don’t know how it’s going to go,” says Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews. Tuesday night a traffic stop on Old Stagecoach Road near Camden, turned violent. Sheriff Matthews says narcotics officers were looking for 26 year old Melvin Lawhorn, who Matthews calls a well known drug dealer in the area. “My narcotics guys had received some information that Mr. Lawhorne was going to pick up a quantity of drugs, a substantial quantity,” says Sheriff Matthews. So officers moved in. “They set up on areas coming back where he was supposed to go,” says Sheriff Matthews. That area was the 1500 block of Old Stagecoach Road. “At 8:15-8:20 they spotted the vehicle he was supposed to be in,” says Sheriff Matthews. Lawhorn was traveling with 52 year old Darryl Herbert. Crandall Sims reporting, “Authorities say officers approached the vehicle on the drivers side and on the passenger side where Lawhorn was sitting. Police say almost immediately after making contact Lawhorn lunged forward toward the driver and hit the gas pedal, the deputy reached inside to try and stop him and that’s when the car dragged him nearly 120 feet and ran over his leg.” “He told me earlier today, he could feel his toes scraping the ground as he was dragged,” says Sheriff Matthews. But the officer continued to try and make the arrest. “He was able to un-holster his weapon and fire one round at Mr. Lawhorn,” says Sheriff Matthews. Lawhorn was killed. “My guys don’t go out there with the intent to shoot and kill, but they do go out there with the intent to go home,” says Sheriff Matthews. 52 year old Darryl Herbert was arrested at the scene and drugs were recovered. “I do remember seeing a SLED agent take about an ounce of cocaine out of Mr. Lawhorne’s pocket,” says Sheriff Matthews. Sheriff Matthews says this is one of several incidents of assault against an officer his department has seen recently. But thankfully, the officer is okay. “He’s fine, I went by and saw him this morning he’s bored out of his mind sitting at home,” says Sheriff Matthews. Darryl Herbert, who is currently out on bond for a narcotics violation, has been charged with failure to stop for blue lights and driving under the influence. Sheriff Matthews says right now their patrol cars do not have dash cams on them. SLED is investigating the shooting.

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