City Mandates Irrigation Shut Off

CITY OF COLUMBIA– City officials are mandating that all irrigation systems hooked up to City water be turned off until further notice. Anyone owning or operating an irrigation system in the City water service area should turn off the system at its base. This will also ensure that if there are any breaks in an irrigation system, these leaks will not contribute to further water loss. As the City continues efforts to provide alternative water sources to the Columbia Canal Water Treatment Plant while the Canal is being repaired, all water customers are also encouraged to voluntarily minimize water use. The City is also examining possible restrictions for large water consumption customers. This is in an effort to prioritize its water for basic service needs such as drinking, cooking, and sanitation. As a reminder, most of the City water service area remains under a Boil Water Advisory. Customers in the Town of Chapin and nearby areas are no longer under a boil water advisory, (download map) and details below. All other water customers are still under the advisory and should follow the City‘s drinking water advisory guidelines. In addition, city officials are asking citizens to continue minimizing water usage until further notice. By conserving water, residents will assist the City in protecting one of the region‘s main water sources while repairs are being completed. The City of Columbia Water Works advises the water customers of the Chapin Area, located in Lexington and Richland County, along the following areas: Town of Chapin, Areas near the Columbia Lake Murray Plant. The southernmost boundary of this advisory is along Hwy 6 at the Lake Murray Plant, customers on Farming Creek Road, customers on Broad River Road down to Geology Circle. This notice is to inform customers in these areas that they no longer need to boil their water prior to drinking or cooking. Following an intense flushing of the distribution system, bacteriological samples were collected and analyzed by the City of Columbia Water Works. The results of this sampling indicate that the system is safe to use for drinking and cooking purposes. Should you have any questions concerning this repeal of the Boil Water Advisory, you may call the City of Columbia Customer Care Call Center at 545-3300.

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