Virtual Tie for Democratic Candidates

YourVoiceYourVoteDES MOINES, Iowa (AP) –Texas Sen. Ted Cruz knows he’ll wake up the winner of the Republican caucuses in Iowa.

But there’s still no clear winner among Democrats after what Sen. Bernie Sanders calls  “a virtual tie” with Hillary Clinton.

Speaking late Monday, Clinton said the results still coming in gave her “a big sigh of relief.” Clinton also said she was thankful to supporters and looked forward to a contest of ideas against Bernie Sanders. The race will now feature just two candidates. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley suspended his campaign after failing to gain traction.

Sanders rode a wave of enthusiasm. Polling shows most Democrats favor a continuation of Obama administration policies. But among younger people, Sanders was the overwhelming favorite.

Cruz said his win “sent notice” that the establishment and media won’t pick the Republican nominee.

Donald Trump vowed to fight on and said he was “honored” by Iowans. He finished just ahead of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. He called his performance an important first step.

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