Democrats Campaign in Midlands Ahead of Primary

Columbia , S.C. (WOLO) — Ahead of Saturday’s primary, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigned in the Palmetto State. For the Clinton camp, all three members of the family were hot on the trail. Chelsea Clinton stopped at USC to speak with young voters, while the former President, Bill Clinton, made a stop at Drip in Five Points to have coffee with Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin.

“I think tomorrow will be a good day for Secretary Clinton,” said Mayor Benjamin. “I think she’s going to do well, I think it’s going to serve as a good day to provide the momentum for Super Tuesday.”
The presidential hopeful herself, front-runner Hillary Clinton made stops at several historically black colleges to spread and spreading a message to reform the criminal justice system and end racial profiling in our nation.
“We’ve got to do  more to help people to be able to knock down those barriers,” said Clinton. “That includes taking on systematic racism which is still a problem in america.”
Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders spent most of Friday looking ahead to Super Tuesday continuing his campaign in the midwest before he returned to South Carolina for several rallies Friday night
According to the most recent polls, Clinton stills holds a commanding lead over Sanders in South Carolina, leading by double digits, however nationwide the margins are much smaller.
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