Watch: Officials Assess Sunday’s Peaceful Protest

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) — A week’s worth of violence, inciting protest across the country and fanning the flames of racial tension.

Dr.Todd Shaw with Chair of USC’s Department of Political Science says, “Because of the recent shootings, because of the ways in which there has been tension between the police and African Americans communities this is a particular flash point or high point.”

As the black lives matter movement swept the nation some demonstrations ended in violence.

But, despite racially turbulent past, South Carolina only saw peaceful protests. Todd Shaw, with USC’s department of Political Science, attributes this to the state’s inclination for alternative forms of resistance.

Shaw explains, “Violence is not necessarily seen as the most direct tool to get ones point across. Violence erupts when people are frustrated and feel that they have no other means of redress.”

No arrests were made, as hundreds marched the streets of Columbia for hours Sunday night.

Columbia Police Chief William Holbrook says a definitive decision to recognize the right to assemble played a critical role in maintaining order.

He tells ABC Columbia, “Folks are upset and they want to be heard and we have to respect that and understand there’s a platform for that and be open minded.”

While pleased the weekend’s rallies remained peaceful, in statement Governor Nikki Haley scolded protesters for putting others at risk by blocking highways.

“We have to have alternate routes designated and we have to communicate that with out other emergency service providers. We also have to utilize social media and our public information officers to push information out to the public,” says Chief Holbrook.

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