WATCH: Know Your Parental Rights

A new website helps non-custodial parents get information on how to get through the process of restoring your rights and seeing your chidlren.

Columbia,S.C (WOLO)— An innovative new website has launched giving non – custodial parents a “how to” on everything from how to represent yourself in court to the process and procedures required to retain your rights.

According to South Carolina Center for Father and Families and the US Census Bureau , 43 percent of children are being raised in single parent homes here in South Carolina, 80 percent of them are run by mothers. While organizers say they hope parents can work things out amicably to have children raised by both parents, even if in different homes, that is not always the case.

For parents who may not have the financial stability to retain a lawyer, can still represent themselves rebuild a healthy parent – child relationship.

Click here to find out more about the new website and check it out for yourself by going to

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