Good Behavior: No need to whine about wine

Pamela Eyring and Tim Gardner join Tyler Ryan with some wine 101



COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) – There is no need to be scared of wine, according to Lula Drake owner and sommelier Tim Gardner, but there are some basic tips about presentation.

Gardner and etiquette expert Pamela Eyring from the Protocol School of Washington joined Tyler Ryan on Good Morning Columbia with some wine 101 just in time to impress your valentine.

“The person who orders  the wine pays for it,” says Eyring, who also suggests that the host should also order the wine, rather than pass around the wine list and allow guests to select.

Once the bottle arrives at the table, there are some specific presentation practices that are very common, according to Pamela.

“The som (sommelier) will present the bottle to the host or person who ordered it,” says Gardner.  “From there, he will approve it is the bottle that was ordered.”  Gardner says the next step is to have a small amount poured into the hosts glass to sample.  After the wine is approved by the host, the som will pour wine for the guests, pouring the host last.

“You can expect a 5 ounce pour, rather than a full glass,” Gardner points out.

You can find more tips on etiquette at the Protocol School of Washington website HERE, and if you are interested in more wine education, Tim Gardner is always happy to share his vast knowlege.  Reach out to Tim HERE.



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