An up close and personal tour of the SCDMV CARES unit

Tyler Ryan takes a sneak peek at the DMV's newest tool to help victims of natural disasters

BLYTHEWOOD SC (WOLO)–The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has a new tool designed to help victims of natural disasters when they need important items like replacement driver’s licenses, registrations, and even titles.

According to SCDMV spokesman Lauren Phillips, the Community Area Response and Emergency Services Vehicle (CARES) is designed to provide many services that brick and mortar DMV branches provide.  “This vehicle,” according to Phillips, “can be deployed to the areas hardest hit, and serve as a back-up DMV.”

The CARES unit was deployed in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew to the Mullins area, according to Phillips, as it was one of the hardest places hit by the storm.  It also spent a few days in North Charleston.

Phillips said that in the future, the CARES unit may also be utilized to serve communities where it is difficult for residents to get to the traditional DMV office.

The CARES unit can also provide the written portion of a driver’s test, eye test, and various other services.  

You can learn more about the CARES unit HERE.