City Urges Drivers to Watch out for Flood Prone Streets

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Rain and storms have the potential to create flash flooding in the City of Columbia.

The City is urging drivers to be vigilant in areas that are prone to flooding.

The City says you encounter a flooded street or intersection, turn around; do not attempt to drive through it.

Water may be deeper than it appears and can hide many hazards say experts.

According to the City, a vehicle caught in swiftly moving water can be swept away in a matter of seconds. Twelve inches of water can float a car or small SUV and 18 inches of water can carry away large vehicles.

Here’s a list provided by the City of Columbia of streets that may be prone to flooding.


Main and Whaley

Gervais and Laurens

Blossom and Henderson

Blossom and Saluda

Harden and Santee

Monroe and Maple


Two Notch and Read

Wheat and Amherst

Adger and Devine

Wheat and Sumter

Wheat and Pickens

Heyward and Ravenel


Pickens between Wheat and Green

Barnwell and Pendelton


Harden and Read


Harden and Calhoun


Franklin and Marion


Franklin and Sumter


Columbia College and N. Main


Bull and Laurel


















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