Richland Co. Eclipse Glasses Not NASA Approved

Richland Co., S.C. (WOLO)– A spokesperson for Richland County says they unknowingly distributed eclipse glasses that were not approved by NASA.
The glasses have the county seal and logo and the reference number 12312-2.
Richland County officials say they want people to feel confident about the safety of the glasses they wear for eclipse viewing and say if you have concerns find another option.

Richland County officials offer this advice to determine if your glasses are safe:

“How can you tell if your solar viewer is not safe? You shouldn’t be able to see anything through a safe solar filter except the Sun itself or something comparably bright, such as the Sun reflected in a mirror, a sunglint off shiny metal, the hot filament of an unfrosted incandescent light bulb, a bright halogen light bulb, a bright-white LED bulb (including the flashlight on your smartphone), a bare compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb, or an arc-welding torch. All such sources (except perhaps the welding torch) should appear quite dim through a solar viewer. If you can see shaded lamps or other common household light fixtures (not bare bulbs) of more ordinary brightness through your eclipse glasses or handheld viewer, and you’re not sure the product came from a reputable vendor, it’s no good. Safe solar filters produce a view of the Sun that is comfortably bright (like the full Moon), in focus, and surrounded by dark sky. If you glance at the Sun through your solar filter and find it uncomfortably bright, out of focus, and/or surrounded by a bright haze, it’s no good.

The American Astronomical Society provides this list of approved eclipse glasses distributors:


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