Hurricane Irma: Your Questions Answered

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – The ABC Columbia News team wants to make sure you’re ready, no matter what Hurricane Irma brings to the Palmetto State.

Viewers have been sharing their questions about the storm with Good Morning Columbia Weather Anchor Tyler Ryan. Have a question that you do not see here? Contact Tyler.

How much of the effect will we see here in Columbia?

That is still the big unknown. There is a lot of water between the storm and Cola – it is really going to depend on when it takes the right (North) turn.

Why are all these people buying up bottled water? Do they not realize their regular tap water is perfectly safe to drink and they could put water in containers?

Agreed!! Storing water now beats the heck out of trying to knock down other shoppers for some bottled water, for sure!

When will we know what to expect here in the Midlands (time frame)?

The POTENTIAL timeline as it stands, based on the most agreed upon data, IF it continues along that path, it would hit SC early Tuesday morning.

Could we have to evacuate here in the Midlands?

The potential is always there, but that would be a call that Gov Henry McMaster would make. He said yesterday in the press conference to “prepare” and IF he orders an evacuation, it would be mandatory for us to leave. It will really depend on how the storm behaves when it makes that right turn to the North.

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