SCE&G Executives Address Report That They May Have Known About Nuclear Problems Since 2015

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- SCE&G Board Members went before the House Utility Ratepayer Protection Commission to address concerns that SCE&G and Santee Cooper knew the project had major issues since October of 2015.

Attorney Scott Elliott says the 2016 Bechtel Report revealed the companies had a plan to complete the nuclear reactors at V.C Summer but the plan had several structural issues.

Bechtel is an international engineering firm that publishes an annual reports shedding insight on businesses.

Scott said the report that cost about a million dollars to conduct was released last February and reveals that both Santee Cooper and SCE&G knew they would not meet a completion date in 2020.

SCE&G CEO Kevin Marsh said he did not plan to disclose the reports findings.

Marsh maintains that his company is sorry they pulled the plug on the project. A group of senators have a committee meeting regarding the nuclear abandonment Monday, September 18th.

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