8 Year Old Killed in “Accidental Shooting”

Orangeburg, SC (WOLO) —Authorities say an 8 year old boy has died after getting his hands on a loaded gun and shooting himself.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office says they were called to a Bowman area home around 3 Sunday evening where they found a father cradling his son body. Deputies say they immediately rushed to the father’s side where they saw a handgun nearby.

Officials say, the child’s father said he was in the front seat with a relative waiting for another family member to take a trip to the store. The 8 year old was sitting in the backseat when officials say the two adults heard the gunshot and attempted to render aid.

According to the child’s father a gun had been kept in the car.

Sheriff’ Ravenell issued a statement saying : “In my more than three decades of service, these have to be the saddest cases by far. All cases are tragic but very little compares with the loss of a child,” he said. “Now is not the time to point fingers. Now is a time to uplift a family stricken with grief at this sudden and so tragic loss.”

At this point Deputies are calling the incident “Accidental”, but an investigation in to the incident is ongoing to determine if this was truly an accident or if charges are will be handed down.

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