“I would have been right near the stage…” says Cowboy Troy in his first hand account

Country music star Cowboy Troy shares his first hand experience of the Las Vegas shooting with Tyler Ryan

Las Vegas, NV (WOLO)–The creators of the music style dubbed “Hick-Hop,” Cowboy Troy, was on the Route 91 Harvest Festival stage just hours before shots rang out on Sunday.  Troy had been performing with the country duo Big and Rich, as part of their Muzik Mafia performance.  Troy said that they left the stage around 6:35, and had Sunday been any other day, the entire band and crew would have been right in the middle of the massacre.

According to Troy, it is more than likely that John and Kenny Rich would have been back stage watching Jason Aldean’s performance, and he would have been working with the crowd and merchandise, had Sunday been routine.  “We had a special performance,” Troy said, at a bar owned by John Rich just down the Strip, explaining the change.  “We had just finished playing, and the road manager told me in my ear about the shooting.”

The band and bar patrons locked the doors of the bar, and everything got quiet, Troy said.

The group stood by, waiting for updates and information, that was provided by the local news.

Troy shares the heartbreaking story of a fan who had come through the meet and greet line just a few hours prior to the shooting.  According to the singer, he had met a young man who was experiencing his very first concert, and excited to meet the Muzik Mafia.  As information about victims involved, Troy said he learned that this fan was among those who had lost their lives in the rampage.

For Cowboy Troy, he believes that there was a higher power in play, that for what ever reason, protected him and his band that night.


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