House Speaker Calls for SCANA CEO to Resign, Committee Members Vote to Draft Legislation to Protect Ratepayers

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)-After months of testimonies and hearings, state representatives used Monday’s meeting to discuss solutions that best benefit ratepayers going forward, including calling for one leader to dismiss himself from his executive position.

House Speaker Jay Lucas is calling for SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh to resign, saying in a statement: “It has become increasing clear that neither South Carolina ratepayers nor the South Carolina House of Representatives can have faith in SCANA under Marsh’s leadership.”

The call came as House members look into ways to adjust rate making and regulation.

Members of the House Utility Ratepayer Protection Committee unanimously voted to begin drafting legislation that would remove what they said is an eighteen percent increase to customer bills to pay for the reactors.

“Potential legislation would take that 18 percent off the bill, to ensure ratepayers are not paying any costs for that project going forward, and there will be a new interim rate that is able to be put into effect upon the effective date of this bill,” said House staffer Steve Davidson.

Lawmakers said the primary purpose of Monday’s meeting is putting together a bill that would amend the Baseload Review Act that allowed companies to charge ratepayers for the project.

“We want to go back to where we were pre-Basleoad Review Act. And we want to say if a company takes on a project like this, they have every right and ability to do that. They just simply cannot charge a ratepayer for the cost of that project until the project is completed and up and running,” said committee co-chair Representative Russell Ott.

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