Columbia Dermatologist Explains How You Can Protect Your Skin This Winter

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)-The leaves are falling the temperature is dropping, which means we’re deep into fall and slowly approaching winter.

One thing a lot of us have a problem with is keeping our skin from drying out.

To help you with a new skin care regimen just in time for the holidays is Dr. Asha James with Columbia Skin Clinic.

Dr. James’s Top 5 Tips to Prevent Winter Skin:

1. Prevent Baths and Showers from Making Dry Skin Worse
2.  Apply moisturizer immediately after washing
3.  Use gentle, unscented skin care products and laundry detergents
4.  Wear gloves for hands
5.  Add moisture to the air

Dr. James’s Top 5 Tips to Attain that Healthy Glow for the Holiday Season:

1.  Exfoliate with a Mechanical Brush (Clarisonic) and rotate cleansers
2.  Apply a Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum and Brightening Serum for Evenings Out
3.  Wear Sunscreen Daily
4.  Choose the right Makeup and Moisturizer
5.  Botox and Fillers, Injectables

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