2017 Hurricane Season

The 2017 Hurricane Season comes to an end today – although sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t know that and a storm will form in the winter or spring. Yes it was a very busy year. 2017 will go down as the costliest in US history at more than $200 Billion. Compare that to 2005 (which includes Katrina) with an inflation adjusted cost of $150 Billion. The most intense storms were Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Harvey set a record for the most rainfall from a tropical system in the lower 48 states with 5 feet of rain just south of Houston. Irma delivered roughly 4 inches of rain and extensive power outages to the Midlands. Irma also brought the 3rd highest flood level ever recorded in Charleston – despite the fact that it missed the Holy City by 250 miles to the west. Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. The death toll is still climbing and is now estimated to be more than 1000. Half of the island still doesn’t have power, and 10% still don’t have drinking water.