More Drivers Expected to be on Carolina Roads This Holiday Season

Millions Projected to Travel for the Holidays

IRMO, S.C. (WOLO)- The holidays are here and many of you will be traveling to visit loved ones near and far.

AAA Carolinas said North and South Carolinians can expect busy departures this year with 4.5 million carolinians traveling, a three percent increase from last year.

“We’re going to see a major increase of holiday travel, especially as it gets closer to Christmas. As a result, motorists here in South Carolina and visitors of this great state should as see a major increase in law enforcement presence as well. A lot of people enjoy their time off but for law enforcement this is a time where we have extra people working so be mindful of that,” said Lance Cpl. David Jones with the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Patrolmen say the boost in law enforcement is a critical component in making state roads less deadly. “To date, we’ve seen 944 fatalities on South Carolina roadways. Just this week alone we’ve had 7,8,9 fatalities just since Monday. Those are people that are not going to be able to spend a holiday with their loved one, they are not going to be able to share another Thanksgiving or Valentine so keep that in mind,” Jones said.

Experts always recommend you have plenty of gas before taking off, something they said will cost you a little extra this year.

“In South Carolina, we have the lowest average in the nation. We’re currently at $2.16. Last year, it was only $2.03,” said AAA Irmo Travel Manager Tina El Farissi.

With more vehicles around you could run into traffic and delays, making it all the more important for you to be prepared.

“Because of the ways the holidays are falling this year, the next couple of days are going to start to busy all the way through the next 10 days. Make sure you are planning ahead, make sure you are planning your route, make sure you are giving yourself extra time and of course, keep patience at mind,” El Farissi said.

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