Poop Spraying Suspect Now Facing Federal Charges

A federal grand jury has indicted a so-called disgruntled former employee of a West Ashley Harris Teeter who is accused of spraying a feces-laden liquid on products at the grocery store in October 2017.

Charleston Police arrested Pau Hang Oct. 15, and charged him with trespassing and malicious property damage after management at the Harris Teeter on Savannah Highway say Hang came into the store and sprayed a “brown liquid” on some products.

An analysis of the liquid later confirmed it contained feces, and Charleston Police additionally charged Hang with tampering with human food items.

Initially, police only accused Hang of spraying the feces mixture onto products in the produce section. Federal prosecutors now allege in the indictment against Hang issued Dec. 13 that he also contaminated items in the deli, on the hot food and salad bars, and on the sushi bar.

Hang now faces federal charges of reckless tampering with consumer products in interstate commerce, and tainting consumer products with intent to cause serious injury.

Harris Teeter officials say Hang is a “disgruntled former employee.”

A SLED background check shows Hang prior to the Oct. 15 incident had been arrested at least seven times at that particular Harris Teeter store since being placed on trespass notice in Nov. 2015.