Senators Stall Personhood Act in Judiciary Committee

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- One controversial topic sparked so much conversation Tuesday, it became the main topic of discussion in legislative committee.

Senators from both parties raised questions about the Personhood Act before moving it any further in Judiciary Committee.

If the act were to become law in South Carolina, constitutional rights would be established for each being, beginning at the time of fertilization. The proposal prompted reaction both for and against it. Senators ended Tuesday’s meeting by carrying the law over, calling for more clarity.

“I do not want to vote against a bill that encourages pro-life but this bill is so far out of bounds as far as it’s constitutionality, I do not think it can be retrieved,” said Senator Sandy Senn.

“The unintended consequences for people and their families are going to be great. And it’s not just a simple this is where I stand philosophically or morally. What we’re trying to do is make sure we have good legislation,” said Senator Gerald Malloy.

Supporters like Elizabeth Scott from Greenville said although today’s meeting ended without a solution, it was still productive.

“Honestly, I think there was a lot of really good discussion, really good points brought up that need to be discussed. Amendments do need to be added to this and I am hopeful, they did not table it and I am hopeful,” Scott said.
One amendment lawmakers proposed included adding language to protect mothers from imminent threats to their health.
With all the other priorities this session like solutions for the V.C. Summer meltdown, state education and finishing work on the state budget, supporters said they are glad to see Personhood being discussed so early.
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