Family of 5 Receives Keys to Rebuilt Home Following 2015 Floods

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- A family of 5 who were left without a place to call home because of the 2015 floods, was handed the key to a fresh start on Wednesday.

“It’s not just a house to me,” homeowner Linda Tucker said. “It may not be the biggest house or the prettiest house but its mine and I’m grateful for it and I’m grateful for everything we’ve shared in this house.”

Lind Tucker grew up in her home on Smith Street and now is raising her own children inside the same four walls. The opportunity was almost washed away from her and her husband Kenneth.

“It was kind of got depressing after a little while,” Kenneth said. “Just walking through the house every time it rains, dealing with leaks and meadow was in the attic. It got aggravating from time to time.”

Linda says her wake up call was when the roof caved in and almost landed ont top of her son. Kenneth’s brother knew about their living situation and told them to contact SBP, a national disaster recovery organization powered by AmeriCorps.

“That was truly a blessing because I know we don’t have the money to do this kind of work,” Linda said. “So I think God for that.”

SBP, along with local church donations helped get the Tucker family a brand new roof and fixed their bathroom and kitchen.

“All I know to do is pray,” Linda said. “All I knew was to pray and trust God for what we needed done, and he showed up.”

The Tuckers say this experience has taught them to be patient.

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