What are the three F’s of F3?

Tyler Ryan learns about the workout group based on three basic fundamentals

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)–If you are up before the sun, driving around the Midlands, chances are you have seen groups of men and women doing burpies, side straddle hops, collecting coupons, and in general, working up a good sweat, and all supporting each other.  There is a good chance that the groups are part of the F3 Nation or FiA.  F3, which stands for Fellowship, Faith, and Fitness, had it’s humble beginnings on a Saturday morning in 2011, when three friends in Charlotte got together with a group of friends for a boot camp style workout for men.

Fast-forward seven or so years, and the small group has become a national movement with AO’s (Areas of Operations) all over the country.  The peer led workouts generally start before the roosters crow, and last an hour, nearly to the second, and provide an opportunity to not only become stronger in body, but also spirit and friendship.  There are different types of workouts offered at the various AO’s, ranging from standard boot camp style, to running, and even a rigorous round of ultimate Frisbee.

While F3 is a men’s only group, FiA, or Females in Action, offer the same opportunities.

The workouts are free, and open to anyone who would like to join in…but be warned…after your first visit, where you are called a FNG…Friendly New Guy, you will be given an F3 name, that will forever be your call sign.

F3 and FiA workouts are generally offered Monday through Saturday, although there are a few Sunday options like Wander, which meets at the Lexington Amphitheater.  The wander group does just that – wearing 30 pound rucksacks, they stroll around downtown Lexington, again for one hour, often clocking two to three miles.

On Sunday February 11, however, the groups are inviting anyone interested in learning more to join them in a cold beer.  F3 and FiA are holding an open house at River Rat Brewery on Shop Road at 3:00 PM.

You can learn more about F3 and FiA HERE.


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