Life After the Legislature. Rick Quinn Jr. Hopes to Clear His Name After Probation Sentence

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- Former Representative Rick Quinn Jr. said he wants to clear the air being sentenced to a year of probation fora statutory misconduct of office charge.

Quinn maintains the only thing he is guilty of is failing to report income from the University of South Carolina, saying he feels relieved after his father, political consultant Richard Quinn Sr. was cleared of all charges following Quinn Jr. sentencing to a year of probation for misconduct of office.

“I believe my father was 100 percent exonerated. He dropped all the charges against my father. I can’t say that about myself but  he dropped all the charges against m,y father. My father did nothing wrong. So I will say this, I think that is proved positive that this was a political thing Mr. Pascoe was doing to me,”said Quinn Jr.

Quinn still believes Pascoe’s indictments were a personal attack geared towards getting him and other Republicans out office. He said his focus is now on setting the record straight for the people who trusted him with their vote.

“Down the road, I have some time where I want to talk to my constituents, not to run for office because I will never do that again, but I want them to know that I did not report what I should have reported but when I voted I voted their interest, not mine and that is important to me. I want them to know that,” Quinn Jr. said.

With a crowded race to fill his house seat, Quinn said he is paying attention to the race but does not plan to endorse any candidates.

“I have a lot of friends running. Endorsements and those kind of things really prevent those folks from doing that. They ought to work hard and really just earn those voted individually,” said Quinn Jr.

Quinn said he looks forward to continue working at Mail Marketing Strategies and he believes his father will continue to be a consultant for clients interested in keeping him.

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