Columbia residents share thoughts on proposal to stop alcohol sales at 2 a.m.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- The debate on scaling back the hours of operation for bars in Columbia continued Tuesday as a city council committee held a public hearing.

Residents from neighborhoods around Five Points are coming out in support of Councilman Howard Duvall’s proposal to fully repeal a permit that allows Columbia bars to serve alcohol past two in the morning.

“In a city with as many schools as we have and as many young people who leave home and their parents entrust their lives to the campus security and others, I don’t think we need to allow them to have access to a stimulant that would cause them to do things they normally would not do,” LRADAC board member Gregory Cunningham.

Not every resident shares that ideology. Some neighbors argue that early morning crimes do not happen inside bars. Saying people looking for a place to relax should not be disciplined.

“Whatever problems we are talking about are not the fault of the late closing bars and you are punishing people who work their, people who frequent those places, and speaking of culture, you are punishing a culture that doesn’t keep the same hours that you guys do,” said David Axe.

After three hours of testimony Tuesday, Duvall said the council will need to discuss and review the points that were made before moving forward with a solution

“It’s my expectation that the committee will probably send the whole matter back to the city council and let us have a public hearing at the council level so that all six or seven depending on how many council members we have at that time will be able to make an informed decision,” said Duvall. He expects council to raise issue on council again on March 20th.

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