Suspect Charged With Sexually Assaulting Two Elderly Columbia Women, Sheriff Says


Columbia, SC (WOLO)–  Sheriff Leon Lott said the Richland County Forensic Lab is to thank for getting someone he calls a ‘monster’ off the streets.


Marquille Livingston is charged with sexually assaulting an 85-year-old woman in her home. Now, the Richland County Sheriff thinks there may be more victims out there. Sheriff Leon Lott said they were able to gather enough DNA from the sexual assault that happened on Valentines Day, to a sexual assault that happened in 2016.


“That was one of our fears, that this wasn’t Livingston’s first time. We found some evidence when we did a search of another sexual assault victim,” Lott said. 


According to the report, Livingston broke into a 70-year-old woman’s home, tased her repeatedly, and sexually assaulted her.  Along with DNA tying him to that case, deputies said the woman was able to pick him out of a line up.  Sheriff Lott said the most disturbing part is that he kept an item of hers as a trophy.


“He would not have stopped. And that’s what the scary part is, is that he would not have stopped. Livingston would have continued to be a monster, and I don’t use that word very often, but he was a monster to pray on our senior, elderly females in our community,” Lott said.  Lott said it is not often that they get cases that shock them and he admits they were all emotionally invested to get Livingston off the streets as fast as possible. Now, their concern is that there are many more victims who have yet to come forward.


“We’re begging you, if you were sexually assaulted, report it. Report it to law enforcement so it can be investigated,” Lott said. 


Lott said in both cases the women did not know Livingston. RCSD is still using his DNA to see if they can connect him to any other unsolved sexual assaults.  


“We’ve got to prevent monsters like Livingston from being out here in our community, and we can do that if we all work together,” Lott said. 


Sheriff Lott said they have a forensic lab inside their headquarters for just this reason, so they can get bad guys off the street as quickly as they can. 

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