RCSD Deputies Caught Getting Their Groove On

Caught on camera! Some Richland County Deputies are seen doing something unusual when doing a routine property check.


COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)–  Andrew Gayeskie never thought he would be one of those ‘viral sensations’ people would be talking about. 


“Just messing around. I’m pretty terrible at dancing if you haven’t noticed,” Gayeskie joked. Gayeskie is going on to his second year as a deputy with Richland County’s Sheriff’s Department and said he wanted the change of pace.


Now, the entire internet has noticed just how smooth his moves are, and those of some of his fellow deputies on the force. While doing a routine property check, a home surveillance camera caught the deputies getting their groove on while making sure the home was locked down. 

The spring showers are just another sign that Spring break is right around the corner. Meaning vacations, getaways, and Easter holiday retreats.  Richland County Deputies say anyone can request deputies to check-up on their home while they are away.


“It never hurts to have an extra set of eyes on the house. And when you roll up in a patrol car it kind of deters  anything from happening,” Gayeskie said.  RCSD is more than happy to do it. As the viral tweet says, ‘It’s a great reminder to love what you do and to have fun,’ which is exactly what these deputies plan on doing.


“Always have something new happening every day. You never, every situation you go to is new, and sometimes you get a funny story at the end of the day. Like this,” Gayeskie said. 


There is no guarantee the deputies will do the shuffle while checking out your house, as deputy Gayeskie said he limits the amount of time he has his groove on while on duty. 


“I’d say only about 20% of them,” Gayeskie said laughing about how many homes he dances at. 


But at least your house will be safe while your gone.   

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