To Your Health: Are your knees your very own weathermen?

Vital energy's Hima Dalal tells Tyler Ryan about knee care and how small injuries can have a lifelong impact

LEXINGTON SC (WOLO)  According to Vital Energy Founder Hima Dalal, knee pain is a common problem with many causes from acute injury to medical complication to simple wear and tear of joint caused by incorrect body mechanics, weak muscles, or sudden change in weight.

Knee pain can also occur if there is an injury to another joint and you are compensating and weight-bearing incorrectly while walking to avoid back, hip or foot pain. Knee pain can even originate from simply aging caused wear and tear on the knee joint causing decreased space from synovial membrane and cartilage wear and tear and femur rubbing on tibia, which is commonly known as arthritis.

Knee pain originates in any of the bony structures comprising of the knee joint (femur, tibia, fibula), knee cap (patella) or ligaments and cartilage (meniscus) of knee. Knee pain can be aggravated by exercise if not done under trained physical therapist supervision after careful evaluation of origin and cause of pain. If needed, your PT will recommend to see your orthopedic doctor for further diagnosis.

Aqua-therapy is very beneficial if cartilage is worn out in arthritic knee and uneven ends of adjacent bones are rubbing together, producing pain, stiffness and swelling in joint and causing decreased functional weight-bearing in knee joint for standing, walking, and squatting. Exercising under the buoyancy of water counteracts downward pull of gravity, thus reducing weight placed on joints. Studies have shown that up to 50% of body weight is supported in waist deep water and 90% of weight is supported in neck-deep water.

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