Fitness Friday: The fitness mindset is key

Workout Anytime Trainers talk with Tyler Ryan about the midset behind a healthy lifestyle - and the proper push-up

CAMDEN SC (WOLO)– Trainers from Workout Anytime in Camden joined Tyler Ryan on Good Morning Columbia to talk about the mindset of a healthy lifestyle, as well as the key to the perfect push-up.

Workout Anytime’s Michael Faulkenberry shares these thoughts:

  • Change your mentality before you can change your body
  • Begin with body weight movements that to learn proper form with minimal risk of injury
  • Do not over complicate your diet
  • Eat a nutrient rich diet
  • Find workouts that are effective but fun
  • Upper Body Movements
    • Widening and narrowing hand placement during push ups will change which muscle will be affected
    • If push ups on toes are to difficult push ups from the knees can be used
  • Core movements
    • Place hands or thumbs under the arm pits and not behind head
    • Touching your thoughts and toes during Crunches and V-ups will give you a visual goal
  • Work on form in the beginning and speed and strength will come



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