Investigator Kevin Lawrence talks about his decision to leave A&E’s Live PD

Richland Co., S.C. (WOLO) Kevin Lawrence has been serving his community for more than a decade.

“I’ve been here for 11 years, but I’ve actually been a deputy for 14 years,” he explained.

For the past two years, many people have known him as Deputy Lawrence on A&E’s television show ‘Live PD.’

He is now taking on a new title, as an investigator with the Criminal Investigations Division in the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

“So I’ll be doing a job where I’m kind of out of sight, out of mind,” said Lawrence.

It’s a big shift for him. Live PD put him in the national spotlight, in a job that is high-pressureand often dangerous.

“It’s live and I am a cop so I could get killed on national T.V. because this isn’t scripted,” explained Lawrence, “and my parents, they’re to the point now where they don’t watch it.”

He explained that even though some of these instances make good television, they are still dangerous situations for these law enforcement officers.

Lawrence referenced a particular instance last year, where a fellow deputy was taking a suspect into custody, and the suspect reached into his pocket during the struggle.

“Even though it was good for T.V., and everybody loved it because it was action packed- it was real. You don’t know what the outcome could’ve been. And his parents, my parents, his family, my family- nobody wants to see their loved ones get killed on national T.V., ” said Lawrence.

Despite this, Lawrence says the show does have a bright spot.

“The most positive thing that the show has done, is there is no better feeling than when a child comes up to you, and is hugging you, thanking you for the job that you do and wanting to be a law enforcement officer.”

With all of the publicity that has come with the show, Lawrence says he is ready for a change.

“It’s nice for the notoriety but at some point I wanna get back to where I can live a normal life,” he said, “Privacy goes a long way with the job. People are going to know who you are, but you know when I’m off, I don’t always like the fact that people want to take my picture, sneaking pictures, I just want a normal life.”

As he moves into his new role, he has a lot to look forward to.
“A promotion, a little more personal time, I won’t be in uniform anymore, so there are a lot of perks to it,” he said.

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